Membership of Riverview Golf Club provides you with the opportunity to participate in all aspects of competitive and social golf. Golf is a game which depends a great deal on tradition and long standing custom for its charm and character.

Your enjoyment and that of others is often impaired by the lack of knowledge or disregard of what is expected of a Member of the Club. It cannot be overly emphasized that the fundamental rule is consideration of ones fellow Members.

The status of a Golf Club may be judged by the actions and etiquette of it’s Members. The Rules of the Club are designed only to make our Club a better place for us all to play golf.

Preservation of the history, tradition and customs of the game of golf is the responsibility of all Club Members and to know the Rules and observe the etiquette will not only ensure this but also enable you to better enjoy the game and earn the respect and support of your friends and other Club Members.

Riverview Country Club recognises that our club relies on our generous sponsors and without them we would not be able to provide the wonderful amenities and competitions that we are currently enjoying.